Alex Gonzaga goes “Mellow” for Proactiv

Followers of the ultimate candid and funny girl, Alex Gonzaga rejoice!  As she recently visited Mellow Touch 94.7 radio station to share some of her beauty must-have specially this summer.

Accordingly she went there to endorse Proactiv.

Alex as we all know is perfect for the title of being the first Filipina face of Proctiv being a charming and vibrant young celebrity. As a Proactiv user herself she wowed her hosts with her trademark wit and candor that made her one of the top TV hosts in the country today. She also explained how Proactiv is so easy to use in making it a daily skin care routine in just 3 easy steps.

For Step 1, use the Renewing Cleanser, an oil-free medicated exfoliating cleanser that kills acne-causing bacteria with benzoyl peroxide.

Step 2 is the Revitalizing Toner, a refreshing, alcohol-free toner that refines and purifies pores, with Glycolic Acid that exfoliates dead skin cells to help keep pores unplugged.

Finally, Step 3, the Repairing Treatment, a feather-light, invisible medicated treatment that kills acne-causing bacteria preventing zits and acne.

Care to start having zit and acne-free face?

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Proactiv Success Stories

Like many people, my daughter used to suffer from acne. It’s not just the bothersome and cumbersome fact that you have to deal with every time you look in the mirror or touch your face, it’s the emotional and social issue it bequeaths when you have it.

With acne, the tendency is to shy away from situations where your face is the first and foremost feature, when you’d rather stay at home and avoid being seen with the dreaded zit.

In that way, acne may influence your self-esteem, self-confidence, your outlook in general and your social life. In my daughter’s case (she’s in puberty) she became a bit shy. Many who has mild breakouts even had negative impact of how they feel about themselves. So, I guess, acne truly affects more than just your skin. It can affect your entire life in very real ways.

The video above, shows how even the pretty celebrity, Alex Gonzaga, had also  been affected by acne and how she won over it.

Good thing, a mom with that worries have something to rely on, there’s Proactiv! Proactiv Solution is the only acne management system which combines medicated ingredients that work together to treat and control acne. It uses several different ingredients in one system to treat the blemishes you have now and help keep new ones from forming. With Proactiv, you’ll get back control over your skin.

Like my daughters, many have had the comfort of not being stumbled by acne. Here are some of the inspirational stories of ordinary people who had won over acne and are now enjoying the life-changing benefits of clear, beautiful skin.

Nolin Dela Cruz


Twelve years old pa lang ako ng amg umpisa ako mag ka acne. Hanggang nung nag college ako lumala na talaga siya. Sinubukan ko lahat. Nagpaderma ako, gumamit ako ng sari-saring over the counter products, pati egg white, sugar, aloe vera, mayonnaise ginamit ko. Pero walang nangyari. Hanggang nagdecide ako na tumigil sa pag aaral kasi nahiya na ako pumasok sa school nun eh. Hanggang nakita ko yung informercial ng Proactiv. Na impress ako kaya umorder agad ako. After six weeks of using Proactiv, my skin improved. Ngayon mas confident na ako at nagpaplano na ako bumalik sa pag aaral.


Anne Ubaldo


I’m the artista of the family. And then I entered college. I was a cheer leader. They even voted me as student council. And then I turned 18. Grabe ang dami kong pimples. I really lost my confidence. Then one day, I was watching TV. I saw Puff Daddy, my ultimate crush, talking about Proactiv. And I said to myself. I need to use that product.


For more testimonials, check out:

IGNITE, The Hope Journal


It is through her passion to share God’s word that manifested so much success and miracles in her life that she was inspired to create Ignite Bible Project Hope Journal. Dr. Jacqueline  Marzan-Tolentino, the author who happens to be the President of Eton International School is also the Nuestra Senorra del Perpetuo Socorro Parish (NSPS) Sampaloc, Manila Coordinator, Biblical Apostolate Head.

Ignite Bible Project Hope Journal is a practical daily guide to either kick-starting or revolutionizing a Catholic’s personal time with God in our contemporary lives.  You don’t need t be a devotee or a preacher to have one.  As long as you are eager and your heart is open to knowing more about God and His plan in your life, you have free access to what God is about to reveal to you.

Our time is so full of hardships and failures, add to that the underlying influence of the social media, connecting to the Word may seem tedious to many.  Without them realizing how powerful the words of the Bible is and can be a tool of success in our lives.

“The Bible is a story of salvation from Genesis to Jesus and Ignite allows a person to reflect his life story with different stories of faith from Old to New Testament,” shares Tolentino.

Incorporating daily Bible reading plans, a Bible reflection system, prayer guide and help with a range of other Christian disciplines, Ignite is tapping into a growing interest in disciplined devotional time of Catholic, both young and old.

“It offers readers a new way of encountering the Word of God—our true source of hope and inspiration, in a fun and personally engaging way,” shares Archdiocese of Manila Biblical Apostolate Director Rev. Fr. Antonio Navarrete, Jr.

Turning a new leaf in doing daily journals, Navarrete added some kind of a question and answer method, or ‘slogan-like statements’ to describe a particular topic or bible teaching, and a journal material where readers can easily jot down notes or reflections, truly aides the imagination of readers, helps them become comfortable with the Word of God again, or even for the first time, making the Bible once again a handbook of hope and a guide for daily living.

Tolentino says she has seen the need for CChristians to have a personal revelation from God and not solely on borrowed revelation from other people. In Ignite, they can find out directly what is God saying to them in all aspects of their lives—personal, career, financial, physical, and spiritual, and help them have a new depth of Bible reading and prayer using the journal.

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Archbishop Socrates Villegas shares that the journal will greatly help catechists and youth ministers, teachers and educators, priests and missionaries, in their apostolic tasks, as the book is aimed at spreading love for the Word of God.

“This is new evangelization, a fresh and refreshing proclamation of the Word of God. Use Ignite and discover the joy of the Word of God and write the joy of the Bible by our lives,” adds Villegas.

This book publication is one of the 500 years countdown activities of to the 2021 Catholic Faith, which will begin on December 8, 2015. Proceeds of the book will go to the rebuilding of NSPS Sampaloc, Manila church.

If you feel the need to share God’s Words in awhole new light, you can purchase in bulk and give as a Christmas present.

Church communities who purchase bulk order (50 books) will get free Bible teaching and free viewing of the Holy Land mobile exhibit. For more details about Ignite Bible Project Hope Journal, visit the website and Facebook, Ignite Bible Project. You may also email or call Clarisse Medina at +63.920.908.6576 and (632) 646.1080 for inquiries.


DepEd, IP groups strengthen commitment to Indigenous Peoples education


The Department of Education (DepEd) and indigenous peoples (IP) groups nationwide gathered together today, November 12, to strengthen partnership for IP education (IPEd) through the symbolic signing of affirmation of commitment.

Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC said, “Ang ating ipinagdiriwang ngayon ay isang lakbayin na hindi pa tapos. Hindi ito madali dahil kailangan nating umakyat, at sa ating pag-akyat, walang maiiwan. Kailangan sabay-sabay, tulung-tulong at walang bibitiw para masigurado natin na ang ating inumpisahan ay matatapos.”

“Kailangan nating siguraduhin na buhay ang katutubong kaalaman sa loob ng sistema ng edukasyon,” he added.

Part of the affirmation of commitment to IPEd is the inauguration of a pakedlan, an indigenous space for coming together among the Kankanaey peoples of Benguet, at the Baguio Teachers Camp, where a ritual was conducted together with the IP community representatives from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to culminate the gains of IPEd. The inauguration of a pakedlan symbolizes the recognition of indigenous learning systems within the education system.

Luistro also said that the gains of IPEd are not DepEd’s milestones alone, adding, “Ang tatlong DepEd Orders ukol sa IP education ay galing sa inyo [IP]. Ang sumulat niyan ay kayo. Ang IP education guidelines at curriculum framework ay galing sa sama-samang mungkahi at karanasan [ninyo] sa mga nakalipas na taon ng pagsusulong ng IP education.”

Andres Ngao-i, chairperson of IPEd council of elders in the Cordillera Administration Region, said that DepEd’s commitment to IPEd is evident in the agency’s efforts to make education culture-sensitive, culture-responsive, and learner-centered.

“We are all happy that we are true to our IP curriculum; but we did not do it alone. We did this in partnership with DepEd and the local government units, too,” Ngao-i said. He also added, “Our job is not yet done. Let us continue the implementation of this historic Indigenous Peoples education. This is historical in our regions and our country.”

Luistro said that it is vital for the country to strengthen its IP education, especially with the 2015 ASEAN integration, adding, “Mahalaga na naka-angkla ang ating kurikulum sa ating kulturanng Pilipino dahil may papasok na ibang kultura. Kapag wala ang katutubong kaalaman na nakapasok sa ating kurikulum, mawawalan tayo ng kaluluwa.”

DepEd Boosts Capacity for Its Last Mile Efforts


The Department of Education (DepEd) is conducting a series of workshops for its regional and division coordinators for the Adopt-A-School Program (ASP) to strengthen the capacity of its field offices for building partnerships and linkages with educational stakeholders from different sectors for the Department’s Senior High School and other last mile efforts.

The workshop aims to orient newly-designated ASP coordinators on their roles and responsibilities, strengthen coordination, and reinforce guidelines concerning the said program. Standardization among ASP-related processes from project preparation to implementation and monitoring was also emphasized.

DepEd Undersecretary for Partnerships and External Linkages Mario Deriquito said that partnerships with the Local Government Units (LGUs), National Government Agencies (NGAs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), companies, business establishments, cooperatives and schools and other training institutions are vital in achieving expected outcomes in DepEd’s various programs.

“Co-ownership is what we need to establish,” he said. He underscored the importance of engaging stakeholders in institutionalizing educational reforms and in ensuring the continued delivery of quality basic education to Filipino learners. “Through partnerships, we are able to build a constituency, a community of supporters,” he added.

Deriquito cited some of the notable DepEd programs that need partnerships and linkages such the K to 12 Senior High School and programs for hard-to-reach learners like Pedals and Paddles Project, the Kariton Klasrum, and the recently launched LightEd PH.

The Pedals and Paddles Project targets to provide 35, 734 bikes and 1,216 boats to learners in far-flung areas to ease access to schools. Kariton Klasrum aims to provide street children, out-of-school children (OOSC) and school drop-outs aged 5 to 14 with access to basic education. LightEd PH is a campaign that hopes to engage partners in expanding access to electricity and technology to 1,101,501 learners enrolled in over 5,000 schools that are still un-energized through conventional and alternative sources of energy.

Emphasizing that education is everyone’s responsibility, Deriquito added, “There is no need to do everything ourselves. Partnerships allow us to focus on what we do best.”

As the Department heads in the full implementation of the K to 12 Senior High School (SHS), Deriquito believes that through the collective efforts of different sectors, we can deliver quality basic education to our learners.

“Local government units, national government agencies, companies and business establishments, civil society organizations, and other institutions can help provide work immersion opportunities, hands-on expertise, and additional resources for DepEd to be able to offer a more effective Senior High School program,” Deriquito said.

SVR Infinity’s Sofia Lotion


A few weeks ago, I was invited by a friend who seemed to be raving about these couple’s soap business.  Knowing how Joy is, her passion in helping out promising entrepreneur with kind hearts, I could never resist, plus she mentioned it will be an afternoon of mom-pampering.  How can I say no to that?

It was the launch of SVR Infinity’s new product, Sofia Face and Body Cream with UV Filters. Held at the Megamall branch of Beauty and Butter, beauty bloggers and some guests were treated with foot spa, manicure and pedicure, while munching on some treats themed after the products iconic logo.

2015-08-13 14.57.06

More than that, it was amazing to have found out about SVR’s products.  SVR stands for Sofia Veronica Relosa, the woman and brain behind the brand.  Together with her husband they started their business out of need for a money that could give them not only a stable income but also some extra to finance the husband and wife’s dinner dates.

2015-08-13 15.00.12

They started selling Gluthathione injectables and giving out samples of the soaps they created.  It turned out, their clients clamored for the soaps to be sold separately.  Many have asked her to sell the soaps and have it patented because of the wonders it gave to the clients’ skin.  They then decided to sell it and apparently was successful in doing it.  Now they have distributors and re-sellers gaining both profits and the good skin benefits.

After the relaxing spa treatment, I went home with their glutathione soap and the cream.  It’s been more than a week now since I have used it and, I’m loving it.  I’m now of to order more and have them tried by my girls.