X-Men: Days of Future Past Brought to us by PLDT HOME DSL


I was a tad hesitant bringing my kids to the cinema to watch it, but then maybe they can learn a thing or two from the story line. I never intended to watch it actually with them but I was blessed enough to have been invited to watch the blocked screening at The Shang Cineplex sponsored by PLDT HOME DSL, so I brought along the whole family.

Facing a global extinction of both the human and mutant races, Wolverine, played for the seventh time by Hugh Jackman, must go back in time to stop a war with machines called Sentinals before it ever starts. The duty was for Xavier but it was physically impossible. So, Wolverine have to jump in for him. The task was not easy, hard is an understatement even for Wolverine as he is aware of his limitations. He was warned that he will be going back to the time when Xavier and Magneto were at their worst attitude, so he will be be needing patience. Wolverine even acknowledged, “Patience is not my strongest suit.”

But what followed in the scenes is a different Wolverine- focused, more disciplined, strong in character, a true guide and leader.

Other than Wolverine, the movie’s primary characters are the younger versions of Xavier (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). Fassbender and Lawrence, in particular, steal every scene they are in.

I never thought my kids would love the movie as much as I did. There are some serious violence on most scenes and one nudity (which I like- it was when Wolverine stood up without anything on, showing his magnificent back), but as a whole it showed how important one’s character is and grasping the fact of accepting who you are despite your oddity.

I explained to my kids how one’s decision, wise or not, can direct one’s future. Even government leaders make decisions and decisions make leaders. The most successful leaders have developed a quality grid for decision-making. “Countless choices define our fate…Enough ripples and you change the tide. For the future is never set,” as what was quoted by Beast.

Unlike them, who were able to go back in time and fix what was to be the X-men’s total destruction, we can not do that. However,we can make right our future when we are guided accordingly and when we do what is just and right. Witty decisions, making the right choices and trusting the right people are just some of the big words my girls learned, which I also was reminded.

Great movie!

Thank you PLDT Home DSL for allowing us to have a family bonding with a meaning. We enjoyed the movie as much as we have been grateful for the DSL service we are being served with. It’s internet to the core for limitless sharing with the family-sized connection, that’s how the number one home wired broadband works.


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