Banana Peel and WWF for Nature


Summer walking lies heavily on the sole of our feet, literally, thus, it is imperative that we make sure we are using appropriate sole protectors that not only is comfortable, practical but also trendy at that.  Banana Peel products have been one of my top list when it comes to giving my family that need.  Tomorrow, we will be heading to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, one of the Philippines top travel destination, me and my girls will be using the newly designed, eye-candy from Banana Peel flip flops.  Mine is the violet with purple strap from the Hutton collection, while my little darlings will be using the slippers from the Hearties Girls’ collection.  I also love that aside from flip flops and sandals, they have added foot wellness products such as foot blush and foot spray.  These two products will be our companion trekking the hot terrains of Puerto Princessa, making our feet gorgeous for donning Banana Peels comfy flippies.

But Banana Peel is not just about fashion and comfort-giving, they also do their part in giving a hand for nature’s welfare as they partner with two organizations, WWF for Nature and the Department of Tourism.

Resized WWF Billboard

World Wide Fund for Nature is one of the world’s largest and most effective independent organization dedicated to the conservation of nature.  WWF has satellite offices in over 100 countries and is supported by nearly five million people worldwide. Their aim is to build a future where humans and animals live together in harmony. From starting off as purely advocating the protection of animals and plants threatened with extinction, WWF has branched out into tackling issues on the different forms of pollution that are harming the environment and causing a shift in sustainable living.

Last December 2013, Banana Peel just released the first collection of flip flops for WWF Philippines. These statement flip flops are designed not just to make people aware of the current environmental situations present but actually enable citizens to participate in WWF’s advocacy. For every pair of flip flops sold from the Men’s and Ladies’ Marine Life collection, part of the proceeds go  into funding marine conservation programs to help save our seas!


Men’s It’s More Fun in the Philippines Flip flops

Department of Tourism

               In line with our country’s current It’s More Fun in the Philippines tourism campaign, Banana Peel has tied up with the Department of Tourism to come up with a line of slippers highlighting the essence of Pinoy fun. Famous tourist destinations like Bohol, Boracay, and Cebu plus daily Filipino activities like commuting and “merienda” time are all incorporated in these witty slipper collections.

So go ahead and have the time of your life and show everyone that everything is indeed more fun in the Philippines!




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