Jackets Can be Versatile Too

I just don’t know why my son loves to wear a jacket even though it doesn’t fit the weather that much.  Sporting his favorite jacket had become his identity even if  he needs to wear it over his college uniform.


Is it a fashion statement or what?  Nah!  I don’t really think that my son is into things like that, but for whatever reason, I have to keep up to his whims.  While the other guys of his age are into sneakers or top-of-the shelf rubber shoes, my son is into sports jackets and cotton hoody casual jackets.

I never dared ask him about it, but I made an effort to ask a stylist.  According to this stylist, “Casual jackets are versatile in a guys day-to -day activities.”

But what makes Men’s Jackets so versatile?

“They’re less structured than your typical sport coat or blazer.  Casual jacket takes the work out of what to wear for almost any occasion, except of course in formal events.  Feel free to play with layers: wear it over a polo or a plaid shirt. Layer it over a thin-weave sweater for cooler weather. For a summery look, team it with a striped tee and loafers. Pair it with jeans, chinos or shorts, with a button-down shirt and tie or your favorite tee. Roll up your jacket sleeves, leave it open or wear it buttoned — a casual jacket allows you extra leeway to make your style your own,”  JD Torres explained.

Best of all, your casual jacket can be your go-to wardrobe staple to get you out of almost any jam.  Your casual jacket can be all work in the daytime and all play after hours.

Now that sums it up, my son can wear it at school, since their rooms are air-conditioned and goes out and loiter in the mall before going home…Hmmm…

If your one freaked-out mom like me who just supports their kids to make them happy, and having trouble where to get the best quality jackets head to Zalora.com.ph and browse a number of styles and design to complete your sons basic wardrobe.





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