Getting that Perfect Nails that Last at The Nail Lounge


Truth be told, I’m one frugal mommy that’s always right on the action when it’s all about home care.  We don’t have a regular helper, she comes every MWF (Monday,Wednesday and Friday) to do house chores for 6 to 8 hours.  So I’m always left doing all the washing the clothes, cleaning, gardening, taking care of the kids, and sometimes cooking.  With all that, I also assist my husband in managing our family businesses and does some wedding jobs on the side and blogging.

However, being trendy and chic also matters to me, though I’m not that fashionable, I like to see my self all-prepped up for an occasion, whether be it attending a media event or just having a dinner date with the hubby.  On that note, I particularly fancy getting my nails done, tut it always end up with the reason of realizing how hard it can be to find time to get your nails done.

But then, most of the time, I would only get that alluring hands on the day the polish had been applied.  In occasional season I would get an expensive nail service and get disappointed after washing the dishes or cutting the ingredients for cooking after the service.  Hay!

Not Frugal! Not Practical, right?

“This is why gel nails are especially good for busy moms like me – they can withstand normal wear and tear much better than a regular manicure.”  So I’ve read, but seeing the price made me swallow my saliva so hard.  I can afford to but I’m not the type of person who would spend that much for  a pampering session (Oh really now?!).

But I have to consider getting it so I can compare it with the regular mani I’m used to getting.

Good thing Deal Grocer came up with deals for nail pampering, I decided to have one done because I was to accept an invitation from DOT for another five-day familiarization tour.  So I got the deal from the Nail Lounge with Gel Mani and classic pedi for only Php 500.

\Whew! What a steal!  Don’t you think so?

So here are just some of the snaps I took inside The Nail Lounge.  The place is easy to find, it’s situated at the third floor of Makati Golf Club, which is behind The Columns along Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.




The place was elegantly designed with some Victorian-inspired furnitures.   The hues are not the typical pink, yellow or splashes of pastels, rather hues reigning from black, to gray, to white, a bit monochromatic but not drab.

As you can see, the only colors are from the nail polishes displayed on the other end of the room from where I’m comfortably seated.

It’s dimly lit to allow the clients in deep relaxation state while being indulged with every attention.

The staff were so courteous, two of them carefully worked with my feet and hands simultaneously.  I was told that the gel polish will

last up to three weeks, but you can have them removed for free, if you had the gel nails done with them though.  I also had a complimentary glass of iced tea and a clean cold towelette to wipe my skin from the harsh street humid.


I’m writing this three days after getting that much awaited gel manicure on the above mentioned spa.

I’m so happy because my nails are still looking gorgeous, having survived heavy potted plant-lifting, tiles-scrubbing, baking, cooking and so many more house chores and a Laguna-Quezon road trip with the family.



I guess I have to eat my own words now, for saying that getting a gel mani isn’t practical, I think it is, I would usually get a nail service every week for P 200 but only get the tidy nails for two days max, then I would need to remove it with acetone and buff my nails again, if I still have the time, else, I go out and meet with clients or friends with chipped nail polish, irkk!

Gel nails are great because they’re not high maintenance. You can do anything with them. You can wash the dishes, whatever. You’re not afraid to get down and dirty… because they just last.  “Hay, why did I not try it before pa?”

See you again TNL in less than three weeks I guess…


The Nail Lounge Manila
3/F Makati Golf Club
Malugay St., Bel Air
Makati City
(02) 869 8521
0915 805 36 96



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