Mom and Daughter Bonding at BDJ’s Tres Chic

It was my first time to come to a BDJ Social event and I was overjoyed.  For one, I brought my youngest daughter (the most “kikay” one) with me.  But I thought my daughter was happier.  She was overwhelmed by the different make-up brands and the activities that went with every brand.



The following photos are just some of the featured brands  and products from Tres Chic.




Despite wearing a checkered onesies she still rocked it in this photo of Moschino’s booth.







This particular product stunned me.  Can you believe having a sort of a facial with water-based product.  I was able to bring home a sample and tried Cure and might I say it really gave me the exfoliation my facial skin needed without even visiting  my dermatologist.   Will definitely be buying this one on my next trip to Beauty Bar.  Visit their FB page and know more about the product HERE.






Another product that I really fancy right now is Bifesta’s cleansing lotion.  It’s also water-based but magically eliminates hard to remove make-up.  I love seeing “mild” term on cleansing products, for me it means safe,so even if my daughters somehow play with my stuff (which I often caught them doing so especially with my make ups) it will not irritate their skin.   And since having sensitive skin have been an issue ever since I reached 30’s I make it  point that no alcohol based or chemical-damaging ingredients touch my skin, most especially on the face.

See them here: FB/BifestaPhilippines


Before I forget, coming here would not be even possible if weren’t for Kristel Yap of Beauty by Tellie blog .  It was on her blog that I found out about BDJ Tres Chic and the Colors of Summer beauty talk from Shiseido.



Also thanks to Yves Rocher, we went home with an cloth eco-bag which is so elegant.  I also adore the Naturelle Eau de Toilette sample towelette, will definitely put that on my to buy list (under perfume).







This one is also a nice liquid eye liner to use.  Black is still the classic color but PAC (Professional Artist Cosmetics by Martha Tilaar) has given color to it.  I was able try the violet and the blue on my daughter’s eyes.    Another one being added to my checklist now.  They also have a complete line up of make up products.



Adding more fun to the event is this cool faux vendo machine which is only P 1 peso per trial, in exchange for cute samples.  My daughter was able to get two, she would want to try it out more but I got shy.






Lastly, a million thanks to Covergirl for having us win in their  Lip Perfection Instagram promo.  Do follow their FB page HERE.   Yey!  My daughter (este we) have a new lip stick.Image


Courtesy of my daughter Danica, she really took time to arrange the stuff we got at the event to share to her sisters.


So there, I think I’ve made a beauty blogger out of my 9 year old daughter.  For sure she would be a better beauty blogger than her mom.

Since it was a divine event for both of us and we felt truly grateful to BDJ and all the brands that participated at Tres Chic, I’m feeling ultra generous and I’ve decided to give away two sets of these:


Credits from PAC Philippines FB page

If you want them, all you need to do is to:

1.   LIKE PAC Philippines FB Page.

2.  LIKE Gastronomy-all about food FB Page


4. Add me at TWITTER: @JoyCF

5. Lastly, just comment below with your name, e-mail address and mention that you have accomplished them all.

I’m giving  you until April 1o, 2014 to join and will be raffling it off on the same day and announcing the two winners on April 12.

Easy peasy!

God Bless!





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