A Clear Skin That’s Summer-ready


How does a no-make up look for summer sounds?  Ack!  “No way, acne break outs, sun spots, sun-fully exposed to sun rays.”But  That would be your answer from most of the women.   But for me, preparing your skin to be clear and smooth, ready for that hot, gritty, sweaty  summer season is still best rather than smothering it with tons of make-up.

My daughter have been using Proactiv for months now.  She used to constantly come to me for help with her oily skin and pimple break outs.  Now that it’s summer she can now flaunt her clear and acne-free skin for the activities for summer, like beach-bumming and swimming.  Of course managing that clear skin does not have to stop there.  Acne prone skin can easily strike back when left untaken care of, most specially this summer months.

Good the Proactiv 15 Day Maintenance Kit is perfect for travel is now here in the Philippines.  Kit includes the complete 3-Step System-Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Treatment-in three 1-oz. take-aboard bottles. Comes with Free Refining Mask! The snap-close pouch is 3.75 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches and fits easily into a backpack, purse or gym bag.

So no matter where she heads, for a beach overnight or a hotel sleep-over with friends, she can still continue her skin care regimen.  The Proactiv Solution 15-Day Maintenance Kit is made especially for existing users of Proactiv who prefer a 15-day supply, and for regular users on the go.

Proactiv Solution 15-Day Maintenance kit is Php 1,650 ONLY– available at selected Watsons and SM Department stores nationwide.

As a mom, it is important for me to see my girls strong and empowered and nothing compares seeing my kids facing every challenges in life with a positive outlook and I can see that having a clear face have given them enough confidence to do so.  You see Proactiv worked by intervening in the process of acne-formation therefore resulting to the treatment of my daughter’s existing blemishes, and at the same time it gave her the protection of preventing future pimples from ever appearing again.

From the moment you are born, your skin begins a lifelong process of shedding dead cells and producing oil. This process can be disrupted by your hormone balance, which throughout your life. The acne cycle is initiated when excess oil and dead skin cells combine to plug the pore of a hair follicle; behind the plugged pore, bacteria grow and multiply, triggering inflammation and swelling.
That’s an acne blemish.

Here is how Proactiv works, it first kills the acne-causing bacteria, then reduces swelling and redness of existing pimples.  It then prevents pores from being clogged.  Through mild exfoliation dead skin cells are removed as well as excessive oils on the skin.  See how important it is to continue the process.  That’s why for those who are still having issues with acne well make sure to try out Proactive and get that ultimate benefit of having a clear skin all ready for summer!







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