Kipling Puts Brazilian Flare in Their New Collection


I’ve always been a Kipling girl!  From the time I first got a water-resistant crinkled nylon style bag, with a little monkey hanging on it’s zipper, I have always wanted to have more than just one.

That was 8 years ago but my daughter still is using that bag until now which was given to me. It only shows that their design is timeless and yes the bag is still in good shape, not in mint though but still reliable.    Those times, Kipling designs are limited.  However in the other flagship stores in other countries, designs are far more extensive.  The bags were only bought at chosen department stores.

This year, as they open the new concept store, The House of Kipling, the exclusive distributor of Kipling brand in the country, have brought with them more eye-popping designs in luscious colors and bold prints.

I was lucky enough to be invited to their exclusive mini fashion show at C’ Italian Dining when they had the newest store opening at SM Clark.

Let me give you a sneak peak of the event.









 With room for all your day-to-night gear, Kipling’s signature shoulder strap and functional fabric. it will definitely bring a whole lot of sunshine and the heat of the Brazilian carnival to your daily look.  From peppery reds to a different beige, plain, in chevron prints and enigmatic designs, you create your own color code with bags hat are all designed to inject a little crackle and pop to your daily wardrobe and bring out the city senorita in you!


Yep, there’s me, trying out my pick!  It so happened that I’m in to chevron prints right now, and it inspired me more to use the modern print.


A quick look at some of the details in one of the bags.  Above is the interior of the bag.


If you are the mature kind of bag collector, and opted not to have the stuffed monkey hanging over your zippy, they have innovated the concept but retained the iconic funky monkey, only made in metal.


 Some bags can be paired with a similar colored poach or wallet.

So, what are you waiting for, don’t you think they have more than enough designs now to tickle your fancy…


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