The Unity Candle


A wedding ceremony should be a reflection of the couple’s individuality and personality.  They will be united as on in God’s provident light.  Thus, lighting a candle as part of the wedding ceremony is essential.  Nope, it’s not a ploy to improve the market for wedding candles but Christian weddings do submit to this as a way of showing that they (the marrying couple) are abiding under one God with united with one heart, one purpose, one spirit.  

It’s one way to usher the couple into a blissful marriage and family.

So what better way to express this by having your own unity candle, customized according to your liking or to your wedding theme.

In my recent preparation for a friend’s wedding, I have found a couple of sites and suppliers to buy your own unity candle and of course have it in your own design.

1. Jar I Creations

FACEBOOK: Jar I-Creations

Contact numbers: +63 9261099653 





2. Balay Kandila

FACEBOOK: Balay Kandila

Contact Numbers:  09209505749 / 09175812695



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