On Perwoll Brilliant White Liquid Detergent


Of all the mom-duties I face everyday, washing dirty white clothes is what I hate doing the most.  I have four kids, all of them goes to school and wear white blouses and polo.   I had to admit, when it comes to laundry I’m still an old-school.  With such grayish, soiled clothes,  I still do what my mom-in-law taught me, “wash-soak-wash-rinse.”   With this method though, it eats a lot of my time and it does takes it’s toll on my back.

I guess, now it’s time for some changes.

I’ve been using powder detergents since time immemorial, even the most expensive ones, but I have been stuck with the same method, worst is at times, I would still need to use an ample amount of liquid bleach to remove the dreaded stains.  Of course, I want my kids going to school with spotless white blouses, polo and socks.  But I have been sick lately and have been figuring out how to get a “labandera” just for our white laundry.

‘Till I found Perwoll Brilliant White liquid detergent.

ImagePerwoll’s package boasts of The Fiber Rebonding Technology which apparently is the revolutionary formula, which promises to restore damaged, grayish/yellowish, old white fabric to a better state, while also ensure optimum white reflection and overall cleaning of garments.  Henkel, German manufacturing giant in the laundry care technology was the one who brought the product to Philippine market.

When I used the product for the first time, I wasn’t expecting so much, or it might just disappoint me.  With a 4 Kilo filled laundry basket,I prepared everything to see how it can clean.   Let e reiterate for safety measures of not ruining colored clothes, Perwoll Brilliant White is only for white clothes.

IMG_7008 IMG_7009First, I filled the tub with water just on the level the clothes would soak pretty well.  Next ,I poured Perwoll BrilliantWhite , measured 105 ml of it for a medium soiled clothes of 4 to 5 Kilos.  To make sure all the liquid detergent reach it’s utmost efficacy on all the clothes, I spinned it for a couple of seconds.  After which, I noticed that the water is so bubbly already so I need to put all the dirty clothes inside and have it washed for 9 minutes on the regular  cleaning mode of the washer.

Notice, that I never soaked the clothes and put bleach on them anymore and no more brushing.  But just to make sure, I put half of the amount I used for Perwoll on the second washing.  Oh,let me tell you first, how the clothes smelled so nice and clean already after the first wash and rinse.  Checked the clothes first before I redid the wash and saw that they are already clean and white, but to make sure they are sparkly white, I washed it again.

And yes, I’m one happy mommy already!  Imagine, I never have to feel the agonizing odor and effect of the detergent and bleach on my hands.

But if you prefer washing with hands (I do too for those sensitive clothes) I would still recommend Perwoll for it’s so mommy-friendly.   Perwoll Brilliant White is also harmless on the skin, as it contains glycerine that moisturizes the skin, thus causing the hands to stay softer.  It’s also environment-friendly!

Let me show you a video about Perwoll, to prove my point more:

I’m loving Perwoll right now and I thank God I’m free from the dirty white laundry slavery.  To get updates and promos on Perwoll Brilliant White and other Perwoll products kindly visit their website:  http://www.perwoll.com.ph/  and check their  accounts on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/perwollph  and FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/perwollph

So what are you waiting for?  Better run to the supermarket and try it for yourself, you’ll be amazed.

Note:  I bought the Perwoll package  for Php 229.00 and was not prompted to review the product.


10 thoughts on “On Perwoll Brilliant White Liquid Detergent

  1. I havent seen this yet on supermarket. Glad I have read about it.Being a mom of a year old boy, I really need this, since my son is just learning to eat by himself, his white clothes becomes dirty a lot of times. I would try to use this one =)

  2. We have the same problem in washing white clothes. You have found the solution on that, so i should try this too para hindi na ‘maputim’ ang mga damit..:)) thanks for sharing!

  3. I trust Perwoll Detergent and I am very much contented with it. It makes whites really white, and colors come out of the wash vibrant with their color.

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