Beat the Shine with Proactiv Daily Oil Control


Do you usually shy away due to oil glistening face?  I can say that I’ve been so lucky once in my life, during my teen-age years I never really had so much problems with pimples or excessive oil in my face.  I learned early how to take really good care of my face, with daily routine of facial cleansing.  However, having to face a lot of issues in life, work and having four kids,  The routine I used to apply is not that effective anymore.

Thanks to hormonal imbalance, less time of taking care oneself, less budget in buying expensive oil-fighting agents, I had pimples and enlarged pores.

But that’s before I met Proactive System.  I’m even more excited to share you that they also have Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control.  It’s a  breakthrough facial lotion that eliminates shine and is designed to absorb excess oil to help give a more mattified appearance while helping the skin fight acne. This also helps the skin to remain soft, smooth and hydrated without looking or feeling greasy.

To understand better how this product will work on you, let us get a deeper look at the causes of oil on face.

Oily skin occurs when sebaceous glands produce a high level of sebum (oil) on the skin. Often, people with oily skin have large pores, and are prone to acne as well as shine. Anyone who’s ever experienced greasy or oily skin knows that it can be frustrating to deal with at times. 

As far as the cause of oily skin, there are many reasons our skin can get a little shiny from time to time. If you live in a tropical climate, there is natural humidity in the air, making it easy for your oil production to go into overdrive. And, if you enjoy a dry climate, you may still experience oily skin because you’re genetically predisposed. Oily skin could also be due to hormonal changes (which are most often seen in a person’s teens/early 20s). You could also have combination skin – meaning that some areas of your face are oily, and some are dry.

The good, the bad and the ugly!

But if you have oily skin, don’t fret too much, because there is one major positive to having naturally oily skin – it’s less prone to wrinkles than dry skin. The oil keeps skin moist, which keeps wrinkles at bay – always a good thing!

Oily skin can cause a number of problems including acne and blackheads. Your face will looked thick, large pores, blemishes and dull in color. It can also be particularly unsightly and can cause embarrassment to you.

Now more than ever, people are searching for the solutions to turn back the clock; and, in the process, they may be indirectly causing their own surge in oil production as their skin tries to protect itself.  Use of incorrect products, is one.  Example, if one uses a cleanser for oily skin when she has combination skin, her skin will become over-stripped of the oil it needs. It will then produce even more oil in response to compensate.  Using alcohol based skin products also had been found out to worsen the condition, too much of it can strip the oil the skin needs to keep it healthy.

The Proactiv Daily Oil Control is ideal for men and women with oily skin because it controls and balances the oil levels and gives a matte finish after using it.  So, no need to worry of over-stripping any oil needed for the skin.

Banishing oil and sebum is the main job of Proactiv Daily Oil Control by controlling  oil and other impurities that may cause pores to clog.  It however, add moisture to the skin without a greasy feel.  Now putting on make-up can be more rewarding and nor fearful that it may worsen skin problems due to oil, because it helps prevent makeup from streaking throughout the day.

Proactiv Daily Oil Control has Decylene Glycol – a highly effective moisturizer and oil controller.  Silicone blend on the other hand  provides a moisture barrier to soften, soothe, and hydrate the skin.  While Nylon-12  absorbs excess oil, and provides anti-shine properties.

The Proactiv 3 Step System had been my companion to keep acne’s away  and my skin stress-free and it is actually a good addition to my facial-cleaning regimen.  With Just a thin layer of Daily Oil Control it promises reduced facial oil and balances your skin’s natural oil level to get rid of shine.

It’s also very affordabble, 50ml tube is only Php 899 and can be bought at these following means:

a. Proactiv Online Shopping:

b. Proactiv Door-to-Door Delivery Hotlines:
Metro Manila Landline: (02) 729-2222
Globe Provincial: 1-800-8-729-8888
PLDT Provincial: 1-800-10-889-4444
Mobile No.: 0917-801-8888
c. Proactiv Mall Kiosks
Ground Floor, Glorietta 2 – Contact Number: (02) 388 2848
2nd Floor, Trinoma – Contact Number: (02) 380 3801
Ground Floor, Marquee Mall – Contact Number:



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