Menu of Assistance for DepEd Personnel, Chartered


Super typhoon Yolanda had brought upon a terrible ordeal to our whole nation, but no one was thwarted not to pitch in, even by any means possible.  In fact, many voluntarily gave their time, effort, and money to be a part of the change our nation is trying to push upon every one.  In the peak of the storm’s aftermath, help from different sources just came gushing in which reached to billions of pesos.  But with the report we are getting, until now, people from the places struck by the storm surge still could not manage to regain stability, without homes to roof them, foods not reaching everyone, no more employment nor farms to tend to, and many other issues.  Almost all the government offices made every possible effort to address some specific issues, and the Department of Education is one of the major office which responded quickly.  And to help with the growing financial needs of the affected work force who serve under DepEd.  The office responded timely.

The Department of Education (DepEd) has released a menu of loan assistance programs which teaching and non-teaching personnel of the department may avail after being hit by super typhoon Yolanda in November. This is on top of the financial assistance and relief packs given by the DepEd.

Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC said the loans being made available by government financial institutions is a most welcome relief for DepEd personnel who are still reeling from the effects of the massive devastation.

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is granting a six-month loan moratorium on all outstanding loans of its hardest-hit members to enable them to use the deferred payments on their GSIS loans for rebuilding their homes and other urgent needs.

Loans covered under the moratorium include consolidated loans, housing loans, policy loans, and eCash advances. The loan moratorium will be extended from November 2013 to April 2014. The payment for existing loans of members will thus resume in May next year.

In addition, GSIS members residing or working within the declared calamity areas may also apply for the Php20,000 emergency loan in GSIS branch offices and through the GWAPS kiosks until December 31, 2013. GSIS will waive the requirement to pay 12 monthly amortizations before loan renewal for members with existing emergency loans.

For old-age pensioners living in calamity-declared areas, GSIS is opening a new pension emergency loan (PEL) window of P20,000 with terms similar to the emergency loan for active members. As with the existing pension loan, a loan redemption insurance will be included.

Meanwhile, PAGIBIG is offering Calamity Loan to any PAG-IBIG member who has made at least 24 monthly savings and is an active member with at least 5 monthly savings for the last 6 months prior to the date of loan application. Applicants must be resident of  areas declared  under a state of calamity.

If the member has an existing Housing Loan, Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL) and/or Calamity Loan, the account must not be in default as of the date of the loan application.

An eligible member may borrow up to a maximum of 80% of his Total Accumulated Value (TAV) subject to the terms and conditions of the program. The current interest rate for the Calamity Loan is 5.95% per annum. The calamity loan is amortized over a period of 24 months with a grace period of 3 months. Loan applicants may visit any Pag-IBIG office near them for further inquiries.

Meanwhile the Civil Service Commission has announced that affected government employees can avail of emergency leave to give them time to start anew.

Calamity Assistance for Employees Affected by Typhoon

Organization Calamity Assistance


Department of Education DepEd Provident Fund- DepEd Order No. 12, s. 2004
Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Moratorium for Yolanda-hit members and pensioners (‎)
Social Security System SSS Calamity Loan (
PAG-IBIG Pagibig Calamity Loan (‎)
Civil Service Commission Gov’t employees affected by floods can avail of emergency leave (CSC MC No. 23, s. 21013




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