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Freelancer-copy.com_logo_color_on_white, the world’s largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace, has announced the fastest growing Internet jobs between January and March 2013. With over 7 million members and $1 billion worth of work posted on the site, is the foremost authority on the online job trends spanning over 234 countries.
The eCommerce revolution shows no signs of slowing; Core web 2.0 technologies HTML5, CSS, PHP, and jQuery continue to grow; Android spreads throughout the developing world, leaving Apple floundering in its wake; 3D design jobs take off as 3D printers like MakerBot start to go mainstream; Twitter grows while Facebook slumps, but both fall flat as marketers fall back to Email Marketing; BPO jobs boom as virtual assistants become mainstream for SMEs and entrepreneurs; SEO rebounds from Q4 2012 as the industry adapts to Google Panda and Penguin algorithms.
With over 280,000 jobs to analyze each quarter, the Fast 50 charts the top 50 fastest growing or crashing job types in the online labor market on a quarter-by-quarter basis, providing a continuous measure of job activity and trends in the online economy.
“There is no other report like the Freelancer Fast 50 for the rise and fall of jobs in the online economy, with almost 300,000 jobs analyzed per quarter”, CEO Matt Barrie stated. “The demand in online jobs is the leading forward indicator of the health of new technologies, products, companies and industries”.
“When you couple core web 2.0 technologies like HTML5, CSS, PHP, and jQuery with highly scalable online marketing techniques like email marketing, SEM and social media marketing, it is no surprise that B2C (business to consumer) online transactions eclipsed a trillion US dollars in 2012. Retail outlets are proving incapable of adjusting to a consumer base no longer geographically captive. Ecommerce is dominating the consumer retail landscape. It’s no surprise that big name retailers that haven’t kept up with the online shopping revolution are increasingly going bankrupt. These high street dinosaurs are unwilling to compete, and so will soon be consigned to retail history.”.
The eCommerce revolution shows no signs of slowing. The eCommerce sector saw a strong 19% increase in online jobs this quarter (from 3,859 jobs) as the storefront snowballs toward extinction. Online commerce is disrupting the retail sector so drastically that many traditional establishments are now charging money to allow consumers to see and hold an item in person – accepting that their next action will be to buy the item cheaper online. A consequence of this trend is that eCommerce technologies have also seen substantial lift, with Magento up 14% (from 2,240 jobs) andshopping carts up 18% (from 2,942 jobs).
Core web 2.0 technologies HTML5, CSS, PHP, and jQuery continue to grow. With the eCommerce revolution taking off, everyone wants a piece of the pie, and demand for web 2.0 websites continues its strong growth. Jobs based around core web 2.0 technologies are subsequently on the rise: HTML5 (up 20% from 3823 jobs), CSS (up 15% from 9,009 jobs), PHP (up 9% from 39,867 jobs), jQuery (up 7% from 3,522 jobs), MySQL (up 3% from 14,017 jobs) and WordPress (up 20% from 8,820 jobs) all grew this quarter.

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