DepEd continues efforts to bring school operations back to normal


The Department of Education continues to mobilize its personnel in school   divisions damaged by Typhoon Pablo that swept Davao Oriental and CARAGA in December to bring back normalcy in school operations.

Education Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC said that as of January 11, 2013, some 71, 586 textbooks have been delivered to the affected areas. “These comprise the initial replenishment of textbooks which we sourced from regional and central office stocks,” added Luistro.

Moreover, 200 additional tents that will serve as temporary classrooms and debriefing areas have been procured and are expected to be fully delivered in affected areas by the first week of February.

“As much as possible, we do not allow interruption of classes so that while repair and rehabilitation works are in progress, we have tents to serve as temporary classrooms,” the Secretary said.

DepEd has likewise conducted a refresher course for some 60 trainers who will provide students with Modified In-School and Off-School Approach (MISOSA) and electronic Instructional Management by Parents, Community and Teachers (e-IMPACT). These are alternative delivery modes being implemented by DepEd to reach out to learners who are out of the formal system because of various reasons such as calamities.

“We have this lined up on the 4th week of January so that we can make education accessible to our learners while rehabilitation works are on-going,” Luistro explained.

The initial cash donation of P2million has benefitted school kids in over 200 temporary learning spaces in Davao Oriental and over 4,000 affected students in CARAGA region.


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