Mayoral on my Girls…

I was blessed to have been invited t0 the opening of Mayoral last week at Glorietta 4.  It’s a new clothing line for children who first was popularized in Spain and Portugal.   Distributed by Retail Specialist Inc. (RSI), it is now hitting waves on Asia’s market and now here in Manila with their very first store.

When I got the chance to visit the store again with my friend and our kids we had an amazing deal of experience.  One will just love each piece on the store.   Dainty, colorful, stylishly simple, kid-teen friendly designs and material and quality, top-notch!

Here are some of the pieces we bought for my daughters on Nica’s birthday.

Jumpsuit-short with braided leather belt.  Lavander chekered, white rice lace details.

Denim pants-knee length with pink floral handkerchief tied to one side.

White cotton tee with pink and red floral baby scarf.
Purple long-sleeved bolero.

Now here is how they’ve mixed and matched the items.


9 thoughts on “Mayoral on my Girls…

  1. Children these days grow up so fast. Before you were buying baby clothes for them and now they can almost fit into your clothes. I admit, I also love buying clothes to my sons, I want them to look good at their age. I want them to look like me or better.

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