Eton International School: First 3D school in the Philippines

3D in the classroom, in the Philippines?  Yes, I bet you would raise an eyebrow as I share you this out of the box experience I had at Eton International School in Malate, Manila.  And I’m so thrilled remembering what had emerged.

Would you believe that there is a school that uses 3D in  their curriculum?

As we were led to their 3D classroom, I couldn’t help but recall the times my kids and I were  watching  The Green Lantern and Lorax in 3D.   Donned in special 3D glasses, I’m sure the kids who have experienced this would have thought this to be an awesome and way coolest teaching aid. Then came the part where we would view sample lessons in Science and Mathematics.  All those who were at the presentation had fun moving  particles by the use of mimio-pad and pen,      we were absorbed in the immersive experience and caught up in the images that seemed to soar from the projector.

We were then asked what topic we would want to check out, we chose the digestive system first (the blogger/gastronomer in me struck again).    To be honest, I used to dread that subject, anatomy and biology.    It is boring, I know, but with this material in the curriculum, the students  tend to be magnetized on the screen, thus tends to love the subject and in the process retains more terms in the study.   A fun quiz included in the software followed after.    Though we didn’t ace the first take, we managed to learn a lot without getting sleepy.

The advent of 3D technology, though not that affordable yet to many, promises to bring into reality the dream of fully engaged students.   With the K to 12 coming into light in the Philippines as an upgrade to our long-termed education system,  our students are now faced and up to the challenge of having a modern education, in preparation for more technological innovations not only at school but all over the world.  It is no secret that kids today live in a multimedia environment where video is the primary form of engagement and communication.

Eton with a partnership from Microdata Systems and Management Inc.  showed the essential benefits of using 3D technology,  such as bringing  fun and excitement to learning, lessons become captivating and engaging,  many abstract subjects become vivid  for students, it improves grades and cultivates mastery of lessons, shortened period of teaching (a research supported that the usual three periods were taught in one period, and a 35 % increase in test scores.

Those who tended to be disruptive or inattentive during traditional instruction were so enamored they uttered nary a peep.   As Teacher Fernandina samples a certain student with ADHD, when the 3D was introduced to him, we was still, was participative and he learned while his teacher was so happy not running after him all the time.

Yes, teachers benefit from this,  it appeals to them as well with the stirring visuals ( because objects  could be moved around and viewed from all angles with all the colors and important terms and simple definition flashed on the screen)  and powerful impact on the comprehension.

When I used to teach as a pre-school teacher, I would spend a lot of time scavenging and making visuals in order to make my lesson more interesting and easier to understand, and that also cost me a lot of money.    With these, no more ill drawings, cuttings, printings and even buying materials.  Thus teachers are more focused on facilitating and assessing their students and watching them have fun in learning.   I guess if 3D would already be available that time, teaching could have been more rewarding.

Eton International School president Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino vouches that “3D in the classroom is proving to be an exciting new tool to the educator’s arsenal.  With technology as our springboard, learning is more fun at Eton-textbooks come alive and retention becomes better.  If  your kids love to explore Science, use Math in real life situations, or want to become future doctors, engineers, scientists, animators, or businessmen, Eton is the place to be.”

Being the first school in the country that adapts the Dunn  And Dunn Learning style, which recognizes the differences of each child and uses that for the child’s advantage, Eton prides itself with students topping the International Benchmark Test score 2008 in major subjects.

After the 3D presentation we went outside and was introduced to another technology which Eton uses.   An interactive board.

The first time I visited Eton, I was introduced to their “mimio-board,”  where the lessons are blasted on an interactive white board which could instantly downloaded by the kids on their laptops and Ipads.   It was pretty impressive.    Now the 3D classroom proves that Eton doesn’t stop in innovating their facilities.

Here are a few more developments the students will be benefiting upon as new 2012 school-year begins.

The iBaby station, one inviting way to assess pre-schoolers’ learning styles.

Even more Eton is serious in giving all the best to their kids.   The school have extended all the way to the next street, with new rooms such as the music room, art room, High School rooms, kitchen, cozy cafeteria and more spaces for upgrades.

Eton, also branded as “school of the future,” now accepts enrollees from pre-school to High School for both Manila and Quezon city campuses (limited slots only).  For more details, please contact Ms.  Lynette Garcia at Tel. no. 522 1003 and mobile no.  09178811839.  You may also visit

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