Mega Balik-Bayan OFW Expo 2011

Balikbayan & OFW Expo it is an event that offers OFWs and general public an opportunity to invest, start a business and grow their money and livelihood. Mega Balik-bayan Expo and OFW Expo will continue its mission of educating our OFWs and Balik-bayans on how they will prepare their future by preservation of income through business and entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

The Striking three-day Expo


The three-day event will showcase different business opportunities, investment tools, available in the market using the most effective person-to-person tool, conference and exhibition that will greatly reward and benefit our OFWs. It will also offer Tour and Hotel Destinations for those who wanted to experience again the wonders of the Philippines and create a business out of it.


The event will also feature a business congress which will be a learning venue for different OFW groups, associations, government and private entities. This will provide networking opportunities which is essential in moving-up the economic development of this special group. OFW heroes and speakers expert from different fields of business and entrepreneurship will act as resource in enriching and broadening the horizon of the group.

Mega Balikbayan Promotion Opportunities:

One (1) cluster – P 120, 000 (vat inclusive)

Corner booth – P30, 000 (vat inclusive)

Side booth – P28, 000 (vat inclusive)

To reserved your slot, please contact:


Unit 1-C Soriaville Royale, 88 Sandoval Ave., San Miguel Pasig City

T: 643-3887 | F: 640-1280 | E:

W: | FB:


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