Eton International School-Heroes Hill Official Launching

An event which led to another,  where inspirations are  but common, and education at its best is highlighted.   Last time, at Eton, a whole new idea was left hanging on my thoughts, a new style in learning, a curriculum based on Dunn and Dunn Learning  Styles System.   So when I heard about them opening up a new branch this time in Quezon City, I never gave a second thought to attending.

As Dr.  Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino honored the guest and welcomed every one to the launching of Eton International School in Heroes Hill, Quezon City, I was amazed by how the humble yet promising beginning of an ideal to educate and help communities, paved the way to eventually putting up a diversified school community for the multi-intelligence technique in education on a 3,200-square=meter lot.

Complete with 20 learning learning style facilities and 10 Multiple Intelligences  (MI) outdoor adventure zone,  what could be a most-fitting place to build a school in but at, Heroes Hill , where streets are named after World War II heroes, and a community of distuinguished residents.   Sen. Jovito Salonga, economist Winnie Monsod, Partylist Rep. Satur Ocampo  are just a few.

One of Eton’s prized student, opened up the program with a hair-raising rendition of Lupang Hinirang, the national anthem and a prayer song.

With the launching and an intimate dinner, is the awarding of heroes, known to be movers and shakers of Quezon City and have made tremendous impact in shaping the youth of our country.

Mayor Herbert Bautista, Miss Korina Sanchez and QC Vice-Mayor Joyce Belmonte, are amongst the few who were honored and graced the event.

Realizing the importance of community building, Eton gives special citations to 15 Community leaders  who have made significant contribution to Quezon City.   In Light of Corporate social Responsibility (CSR) and community building, Eton also awarded 10 boats to its adopted organization, philippine Funds for Little Kids, through Jay Jaboneta, the group advocate, fire starter and chief story-teller.

The event ended with a short tour around the school, here are some exciting picture of the school, but just a teaser.  I’ll be letting you in on their finished school,  as I attend their opening on the 3rd of December.   They are open for assessment and admission for next year.   Everyone is welcome to check out the newly finished facilities and dive in to a glimpse of the “school of the future.”



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