2012, The Year of Water Dragon

For a commoner like me,  the sound of Water Dragon seems odd and illogical.    Dragon as according to folklore symbolizes power and fierceness,   with its  fire-breeding and gigantic nature.   Water as believed in Chinese tradition however brings calm, peace and serenity.   So how’s a Dragon and Water fused together.

I  have recently heard of a feng shui principle called the Water Dragon feng shui which  when applied is supposed to  attract great fortune and  wealth.   It is said to be so  powerful that if the  above mentioned is what one  wants, than by finding the  exact direction of the main  door and using the formulas to determine the exit flow of the  water one can ignore all other  feng shui priciples relating to  if the inhabitant’s are of the east/west group or flying star guidelines.

Manila Hotel together with Marites Allen, the Queen of Feung Shui in the Philippines and the President and Chief Executive Officer of World of Feng Shui (WOFS) Philippines, hosted last November 22 a teaser for the 2012 Forecast.  


According to Marites Allen,  the Water Dragon marked  its appearance once again after 60 years, as the rabbit bids farewell.     Hearsay about the year 2012  are pretty much alarming.    As what have been discussed in the event,  Ms. Allen addressed the guest while having an awesome lunch at  the Mabuhay Palace of  the Manila Hotel  with  the question: ” Is the world going to end like it did in the movie 2012?”

Feng shui experts say, based on their reading of the stars and element relationships in the paht chee chart, that 2012 is going to be “a transformational, life-changing year!”  It is expected to be much better than 2011, which was marked by conflict, anger, disasters and politicking all over the world.

 So to give you  a head-start  for upcoming year  2012 which is Year of the Water Dragon, allow  Marites Allen  to  give you Dragon Feng Shui Updates which  is on   December 17 at Shangri-La Mall’s Cinema 4,  from 1 pm to 6 pm.

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