A Prelude to “Human Nature Photography Fashion Show”

Monday hype.

Is it really that busy, specially in the streets during Monday morning?

After waking  at 530 in the morning (which I usually do) I was expecting for  loads of works and orders for our  purified water business, specially during Mondays.  However I wasn’t expecting for my employees to be absent or come late.    I answered yes to an invitation for a launch of a show  but have been hesitant to go since  I needed to prioritize my business and having to take over my “yayas” responsibilities.”

I did made it to Brio One, at Forbes Town, BGC, after spending 30 minutes in the cab from  my place in Pasay to The Fort.

It  was  a press launch for  Uno Magazine’s next event at the Genting Club of  RWM which will be on the 7th of October.   Cited as “Human Nature Photography Fashion Show, ”  which will showcase the photographs of  GT Toledo, president of  IlustradosPH, a group of young photographers, stylists, make-up artists and the like.   The theme would be  ” Earth, Wind , Fire, Water,”  the basic elements of nature.  Filipinos are known to be ingenious artists and this will be glamorized more on that event.
This is not only for the show of it,  they also work hand in hand with Manila Shrine Club in helping out burned and crippled children.   Children 18 years old and below with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal injuries and cleft palate, will be benefiting from this event.

Check out this model as we captured the transformation  that happened,  right in front of  our very own eyes, hahaha I was practically in front .  Check out how the stylist applied Make Up For Ever products on her skin.   With proper make-up tools and artistry, colors are vivified and  art comes to life.   You can really know if the products are of high quality, of course it has to be safe, non-comedogenic  and easy to apply.

Staffs and proffesional artists from Maquillage Professionel accomodated us and gave us a bit of the experience before the high-lighted event.



Somehow,  I hope I have given you a bun in the oven, an idea of what to expect on October 7, 2011.



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