Change is Cool

My new look with true-blue royalty when comes to skill in hairdressing, Edgar C. Soriano.

This was my hair, long and ends curly.   My hair is naturally soft and straight, but with my eclectic attitude, being always a subject of change, I always dare my self to trying new looks.   When we had a party for my daughter’s 7th birthday, someone suggested to have my hair permed.    I didn’t have second thoughts so I gave in.

Four months since then, I have been struggling to keep my hair looking-nice.   Four months of using at least 30 minutes of my time combing and fixing my hair after a shower and before going somewhere.  Tons of hair conditioners, gels, mousse, polish and weekly hot oil treatments (at home only).   Don’t get me wrong though, I did most of the time looked gorgeous (Weh?) with my curls, with much effort and I did not regret having those on my crown.   But there are times that I would look like a witch, specially if I don’t put any styling agents on it, what’s worse is that my kids would call me “mangkukulam” (witch).    I know, I know,  for a time you would look like years have been taken off my new look, but others don’t see it that way.

As a mom, time is precious, I do take pleasure somehow taking care of how I would look, specially on how my husband would see me.   You see, I ‘d rather see to my kids’ needs instead of  spending countless hours infront of the mirror or on a salon.   I’d even have personal  manicurist come to my house just to take care of my nails and crowns.     To be honest I find it difficult to wring myself out of efforts on looking pretty much okay.  So i asked friends and my husband on what I can do to keep up with what’s trendy without the hassle and dazzle.

But people have not been so honest when I asked them about my hair.   They would say”Ahh you look okay, so does your curls.”    But not this man!   One gloomy  Thursday afternoon, I came to check out Kapitolyo Pasig,  where I saw Cafe Juanita, Balai ni Juan and along East Capitol Drive, Adobo Republic ,Cab Cafe, Nav Thai and Edgar C. Soriano.   Well I’m a food blogger so do excuse me for the exuberance on food and dining joints here.   Amongst the establishment mentioned the last was the oddest.   Aside from not being a food joint it boasts of  yummy and exquisite brain juice from none-the-less owner of the salon.   Oh yes it is a beauty parlor con salon.    Named after the owner and the only hairstylist of the stead, the modish beauty salon is a zen haven to have your frigid locks restored to its gorgeousness and have you pampered like a rich damsel.

Well-grounded, full of reasons and oozing with unbelievable talents, Edgar is someone who will amaze you with his character, views on business and life itself, above all he gave me the most honest gesture that I needed, to convince me of putting off with  my curly locks.    Backed by reliable staffs for everyone’s pampering and beauty needs, they can bring out the inner beauty in you.

While I was there, no apprehension was beaming, I just let Edgar be with what he does best, changing someone’s look, my look for that matter.   After having my hair thinned out, he rolled it into vertical curls and permed it.   Waiting for my hair done, two kids with their dad came in, seems to me as his regular customers.    The best judge you could use for a hairdresser or stylist id having to manage diverse, personalities and ages.   The youngest for that day was I think a three year old cutey but hyper boy.   Everyone looked a stunner after having Edgar (Scissorhand) touched their heads.     Wondering what he did to mine.

As you can see, I went to Edgar C. Soriano as a commoner (a simple mom-blogger in her mid 35), but stepped out the berth looking like a fashionable stunner , I felt like a celebrity.     All thanks to Edgar!

Have your new celeb look at

Edgar C. Soriano Salon

#28 East Capitol Drive,  Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Tel.: 063 09175540575



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