Now I Can be Flawless!

Just want to keep this real and as honest as could be…

I am now at my 30’s, oh well what the heck, well yes I am 35 years old.   I am not ashamed saying it, though I am a bit concerned already.   Since having facial have come to age when I started having a family of my own, I have been a frequent client of many facial centers and dermatologist.   No! My face or skin is not really problematic, I am just vain!   Twenty years ago, I was thought how to properly take care of my facial sin, and when I got 3o friends advised me to use certain creams on my face.   But I never could have the time for myself anymore nor the luxury of buying expensive creams, being a mommy and all…

One time when we were driving, my husband had his eyes on a Flawless tarp, guess who was on it.   Then he looked at me and said ” si Ai Ai ang ganda!”  As careful as he could be, he said that there is still hope for aging women.   Should I be more concerned or what?

Many people would say that I don’t look my age, I don’t brag about it but every time I hear it, it makes such sweet melodies to my ears.  They do ask me what I do to keep myself looking younger.   I would tell them  that I put up with life’s tension and hang-ups, I concentrate on my well-being and being in good position with  God.   Now,  I chose to be happy, pleasing in all aspect and I have definitely chose to be “flawless”.

I have come to discover a new anti-aging miracle treatment available at Flawless.    Just recently I was at Megamall, I visited Flawless and had a facial treatment with Luchie, one of their premier attendant.   Countless facial centers have been introduced to me, a lot of different treatments as well.    However, what seems to be above all those is the after-treatment.     However, a visit at Flawless is a visit  to a familiar urban escape.   An afternoon of well-spent relaxation and rejuvenation is what a found.   Luchie, the attendant who have treated me mentioned she had been working 8 years with them, so I have been thinking, if a worker stays that long in a business as such, a good credibility must have structured their employment, thus they too would give client utmost and excellent service, right?

Out of all the anti-aging solutions out in the market now, which one do we choose? There’s the anti-wrinkle staple, Botox; some women though are scared of needles and choose not to avail of this immediate solution. Other women choose to avail of anti-aging facials and products twice monthly; although this method is quite effective, it entails some discipline, and in today’s hectic workplace, several women have difficulties maintaining their appointments. Yet other women, such us me,  have become fans of glutathione, since a radiant and white complexion usually gives off the impression of youth and flawlessness. Over the past few years, a new product has hit the market – a sort of miracle treatment that stops aging before it even begins. This new product is now available at every Flawless clinic nationwide in the form of Skin Lift, Flawless’ new nutraceutical that contains collagen.

Collagen became popular in Japan. Testament to the amazing properties of the protein, the Japanese women maintain their youthful and flawless skin well into their older years. Collagen itself is a protein that is present in our ligaments, tissues, bones, teeth and skin, and as we age the production diminishes. Furthermore, the protein is responsible for maintaining elasticity and the strength of the skin. Once collagen production starts to decrease, that’s when we notice the appearance of wrinkles. By maintaining healthy levels of collagen in our system from early on, we can help retard the onset of aging. The combination of collagen ingestion, consistent hydration through continuous water intake and habitual moisturizing, unswerving skincare and the regular application of sunscreen to guard against the harmful rays of the sun will keep Filipinas younger-looking for longer. In addition, active young people would be well-advised to maintain collagen levels in their bodies particularly because the protein keeps joints strong and protected.

Flawless sells collagen in the form of the Skin Lift nutraceutical, which contains shark cartilage, cellulose, ceramide, lactose and vitamins C, E and B1, in addition to collagen. Each tablet is 300mg; the advised dosage is 3-4 tablets before sleeping daily in order to maintain healthy levels in the body, thereby maintaining the strength and elasticity of your skin. The presence of vitamins in the tablet also makes the nutraceutical an excellent source for our daily nutrients.

Benefits include the improvement of crow’s feet and undernourished dry skin, most often seen in dry and cracked lips. Nails are strengthened and the shaft of the hair is improved, leading to shiny and strong strands. Cellulite is reduced and scarring is prevented – in fact, existing wounds heal faster.

So why don’t you drop by your favorite Flawless branch now and make sure you don’t miss out on this easy and fuss-free anti-aging technique. The road to smooth and youthful skin is easy: collagen tablets before bedtime, regular hydration through drinking water and consistent moisturizing, frequent application of sunscreen to guard against harmful UV rays and a skincare regimen that works for you. Watch your skin start turning back the clock – and watch your skin stay stronger, younger, for longer.


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