NOVUHAIR: Nature’s Answer to Hairloss

AS Martin Luther would say, “the hair is the richest ornament of women.”   True enough my husband was swept off with my long, black hair when he first saw me,  and how I ended up becoming his wife,  oh well that was a long time ago.

TIme passed, I have since donned different hairstyles, prettified my hair with different hair sprays, gels and mousses.   Worse was having my hair colored and having every towel I use after I take showers colored the same as my hair.

HEre is  the worst part of it all, my hair and scalp took the toll on all of those hair treatments.   Ending up with falling hairs.    Not a day, even night, I would not worry of losing more hair as I grow old, well I’m only 35 years old, though I have four kids, all of them were very well taken cared off by ” moi.”    Science also says, that birth-giving can also be one reason of hair-loss or falling hair.   This may be due to less sleep, poor health, and relative stress.   And as the babies grow and their dexterity develops, the more a mom losses hairs,  as baby grabs and pulls the hair.   Tsk, tsk…    What more having to go through four times with that.

SInce then, I have been more careful of the products I use for my hair.   Thus I opted not to shampoo my hair everyday, and just use kiddie conditioner just to put scent on my hair and well it did improve the texture and even made my hair softer, but my concern still lies, my hair is till thinner and though I’ve lessen hair loss a bit, my hair does not get thicker.

TIll I met Fanny Serrano…To tell you, he also got the same concern, have also switched to baby shampoos.    Till it came a time that he needed to buy hair improvement products, only to alleviate hair loss and have hoped of regaining healthy hair.

ONe product gave him the assurance of that, he tested it and found out that what it claims to be is true.   The product really worked for him.   It is Novuhair.

AS Fanny Serrano itirates, “after a long search, finally, a product I can trust,”

IF “the Fanny Serrano” trust this product, who am I not to.

HE eventually looked for who was making and marketing the product to get more and even get freebies, and also have been recommending to his clients even celebrities.

Novuhair is made from all-natural ingredients to remedy excessive hair fall, as well as other scalp concerns such as elimination of dandruff, hair growth stimulation, cleansing and detoxification.   It is a Topical Scalp Lotion concocted from moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, biotin, rosemary, lavander, peppermint and lemon grass oils and virgin coconut oil.    Smells familiar?   All of these or some, are herbs being used in relaxation, as in massage and spas.   All of which help improve blood circulation to the scalp and increase nutrition to hair follicles, as well as improve scalp scaling and prevent early graying of hair.

IT is now my time to see for myself the wonders this product will make on my hair.   For Fanny, it took more or less two weeks of using the product till he noticed the difference and thus decided to come out loud – to endorse Novuhair, Nature’s answer to hair loss!


12 thoughts on “NOVUHAIR: Nature’s Answer to Hairloss

  1. hello good day .. i want to know if where i can ur product because i have my hair everytime i take a bath .

  2. if your product is really effective as u claim why dont u go international and bring your product to the FDA or American Hairloss Association? this product is a complete bullshit. i advise everyone to visit for the best hairloss products around the world. dont waste your money in this crap!

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