Casa Ibiza: A Hidden Inspiration

It was a long and wet day.   Too much to do at home but somehow nature is calling us, as if she knows we needed  a break.   Summer is through but never would there be enough season to experience life.   Life that abounds in peace and love.   Though no one can say their life is perfect, one can utter more than a mouthful of thanksgiving and appreciation.

And a day or two to share it with the ones you love  and with friends.

A day well-spent amidst, storms, hurts and worries.

A day at Casa Ibiza.

 It was along day indeed,  a far-cry, it was raining and we are way behind our schedules, arrangements were made late and we are a bit worried of the place we are trekking.

Casa Ibiza is in Antipolo, Rizal, coming from Pasay, with the traffic, it took  us 1 to 2 hours of drive.

This will be the day Antipolo will be added to our list of places the  family have visited, in the Philippines.

We didn’t have a complete picture of where we were headed.   Wrong turns, missed landmarks and wrong orientation of left and right, oops, not us, but the people from Rizal, whom we have asked for directions.  Really funny!

Eventually, we made it!   Two families, Felizardo and Manlapaz.   Everyone anticipated an exciting hide-away.   As we arrived a wide brass gate faced us, and a picturesque place enfold when it opened.   Greeneries abound, surrounded with what seems to be the sound of the sweet showers of rain and some  birds chirping.   Overlooks the villages  against the walls of Casa Ibiza.   As we drew near the villas,  you can expect a relaxing mood.

Till we got our keys!



The villas, the ones my family and Julie’s family have are clean, and very comfortable.   The interior is crisp and comfy.   Each villa has  a family room with LCD TV’s, a kitchen with refrigeration,  complete kitchen amenities with a dining area.   Ours have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, all has separate air-conditioning.   Very good for a family as big as ours.   Only one thing was missing, hot water showers.  But if your not the meticulous type like me (for short maarte) the rooms are spots for rest.   The beds are inviting enough to spend the whole day dreaming.   But don’t dare waste all the adventures you can find here.

Cavanas are everywhere near the two swimming pools.   A big hall adjoining the two pools are great for buffet and dining.   I bet this would also be a great venue for receptions for wedding and other special events.   We did have a great bonding time, the Felizardo’s and the Manlapaz, where the kids, swam their hearts out as we had dinner and breakfast together.

We not only shared food, physical food, but more so, we welcomed the glorious spiritual foods, which gave us the true essence of life.   Casa Ibiza is a great choice for team-building, Bible study and worship.   Since the place wards of crowds and the villa is supposed to be a private haven.   So we did not let the opportunity get away, not sharing God’s graciousness in our lives.  A solemn remembrance of how amazing God worked in each of our family.

It seems that life can be perfect after all, even for just 24 hours!


3 thoughts on “Casa Ibiza: A Hidden Inspiration

  1. wow, i love the place! i hope i can go there someday with my son:)
    by the way, am also dropping by to let you know i’ve added your blogs to my list, i hope you can add mine to your list as well 😉

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