Visibly Smart Moms by Intel

Intel Technology Phils., Inc. invited mom-bloggers on a technology-based  awareness workshop.   Bloggers had a sumptuous lunch catered by Contis and it was quite an afternoon for me meeting new faces in the blogging community.    Moreover, the workshop included notes on raising tech-savvy kids and more advances in technology where visual arts are coming into bigger view.

Techie mommy writer Jaye Bautista of Manila Bulletin gave us interesting facts about keeping our kids safe while they handle browsing the net.   Parental Controls in the net and teaching them responsible use of the PC is the key.   I for one have kids who have made use of the PC as part of their  reward and pleasure.   Life is so fast-paced right now and I benefitted from the technology,  I never worry looking for my kids, since they are always at home waiting for their turn in computer gaming, I know what they are doing, what type of game they are playing and from time to time we all learn and have fun together in front of the monitor.

Another good point of my attending was that I got in touch with a representative from First Academy of Arts.  Ciel Luy talked about  their computer training institution that offer a comprehensive and effective Digital Arts,  Web design, and 3D animation Certificate Programs were each lesson was cultivated in a fun and interesting environment.   They are right now conducting Summer workshops for kids  such as Manga Illustration, Junior Digital Photography, Junior Digital Arts, Junior 3 D Modeling and Digital Manga Comics.   With these my kid earned a 3 hour FREE Workshop.   Yey!

Lastly, Intel’s Marketing Manager Randy Kanapi introduced the newest wave in PC technology.   I had a review of some basics in computing, thanks to him.   Interesting facts about HD graphics,   “the hour-glass syndrome,” and how Intel comes to play.   Remember the times when you move from one browser to another?  How about the time when multi-tasking in the PC is but a plan?  The hour-glass image was there, now it would be a nightmare to it in our screens.    Intel has humorously coined this “Hour glass Syndrome” to describe the stress and frustration that we feel when we wait for our technology to keep up with us.     With its new family of processors Intel is tackling this syndrome head-on to help eliminate the wait.

The 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family is equipped with new visibly smart technologies that allow users to do things like convert video in seconds, watch movies and play games in HD, edit and watch 3D Blu-ray videos, which can be sent from a new laptop wirelessly to a large-screen digital TV. Follow the launch and the news about the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor as it unfolds.  We can now say that moms can also be visibly smart with this technology!


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