Celebrating a Brave Girl’s Birthday

Adapted from my other site, The Only Party The Family Hosted

   With the help of our Lord Jesus and our dear friends, we were able to host an event my daughter would really treasure.   Our family was able to overcome a painful ordeal and with that we were able to realize what life has yet to offer.   My daughter who turned 7 last May 5 was so expectant of the outcome of the party.   Yes she really prayed hard for this!  And the Lord was so gracious enough for answering her birthday wish.
  More than a year ago she  was diagnosed with DKA or Diabetes Ketoacidosis.
 It is an acute, major, life-threatening complication of diabetes. DKA mainly occurs in patients with type 1 diabetes.  And we never knew she has it till then, being kept in the ICU for more than three days.
More on DKA…

Diabetic ketoacidosis occurs when a person with diabetes becomes dehydrated. As the body produces a stress response, hormones (unopposed by insulin due to the insulin deficiency) begin to break down muscle, fat, and liver cells into glucose (sugar) and fatty acids for use as fuel. These hormones include glucagon, growth hormone, and adrenaline. These fatty acids are converted to ketones by a process called oxidation. The body consumes its own muscle, fat, and liver cells for fuel.   That was why she became extremely thin to the bones, even though we have been feeding her often, until such a time that she only sleeps and wakes up to eat.

In diabetic ketoacidosis, the body shifts from its normal fed metabolism (using carbohydrates for fuel) to a fasting state (using fat for fuel). The resulting increase in blood sugar occurs, because insulin is unavailable to transport sugar into cells for future use. As blood sugar levels rise, the kidneys cannot retain the extra sugar, which is dumped into the urine, thereby increasing urination and causing dehydration. Commonly, about 10% of total body fluids are lost as the patient slips into diabetic ketoacidosis. Significant loss of potassium and other salts in the excessive urination is also common.

A Heart-breaking Story and How God Stepped-in
Since then she have been taking insulin shots, twice a day.  Her sugar needs to be monitored four times a day.  She is living a miracle each day.   Most of the people who doesn’t know us nor our Dana, would see her without any clue that she is sick or she have a Diabetes Mellitus.
Part of the program was to show a video of her.   From the time she was born, to the time she was hospitalized until the time our family have stepped and walked on the victory God visioned for us.  At that time in the party I was seating next to my sister in law as we all watched while eating.   She was quite amazed how cute and fat Dana was, together with our youngest daughter Danica who was also cute and chubby.    As we get to the pictures where a distinct change in her body figure and facial feature was shown, she broke in tears, feeling sorry about her niece, nothing like this could we imagine a young girl so full of talent and loveliness could have faced this.  She was only five years old then and enjoying Kindergarten.
When she was at the hospital, our church leaders really intercede and have gathered resources to help us.  From the very first day she was hospitalized spiritual leaders in Maricaban were there supporting us and praying with us as it was advised that she was experiencing DKA, and only a few minutes would cause a comatose.   The next morning, Dana was visited by one of our elders, Kuya Rudy,he was allowed to enter ICU and talk and pray for Dana.  He asked Dana to pray along and she did, every word in the prayer were followed as clearly as she could in her frailty.  This really touched him and and he saw how the Lord was with her along her pains and sadness.   Everytime Kuya Rudy tells this story to us or to anyone, tears would fall, wondering how faithful this child is and how she showed courage and withstood all pains involved in the process of stabling her blood sugar and health condition.
It didn’t stop there!  My husband and I, is now faced with the lifetime situation of injections, pricking, frequent visit to the hospital, and a changed lifestyle all to work for her benefit.    But this is not what we are claiming!
We had to live a blameless and clean life.  We need to accept God’s cleansing Spirit to break us in the most painful experience a wife and a husband could ever imagine.  That’s a different story!  But God’s love was there to keep us.   All the things that we were taught as a Christian have served its purpose.   We are still here serving and living for God’s glory.
It came to us that the we see the  miracle now, in spite of her condition she grows more intelligent, beautiful and faithful to the Lord.   As we await for the total healing of our daughter, the Lord continues to heal every family members from all the  dark and painful past.   We just live each day at a time and live every blessed day as it is!
   The day, May 7, 2011 were we celebrate God’s fullness in miraculous and loving ways not only in our daughter’s situation but more so for the whole family and the friends and relatives who have been on our side through the tough times.
Thanks for reading…I hope you find inspiration, though at times we feel despair and our body aches or even your heart cries due to hardship or failure, always remember that God is near and He won’t disappoint you.
James 1:2 to 4
“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.   Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete not lacking anything.” (NIV)
God bless!
Mommy Joy

2 thoughts on “Celebrating a Brave Girl’s Birthday

  1. Glory to our Good and Faithful God!!! He works miraculously in the lives of those who love Him!!! Continue to serve Him and the rewards will be uncontainable. We love you Dana and our prayers are always with you and your whole family!!!

    • Tnx for taking the time to read! Grabe talaga ang Lord magpakita ng love Niya! He really works in wondrous ways! We are so blessed to have known Him and walked His path!All glory belongs to Him only!

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