DepEd and ABS-CBN Partners in Campaign of Universal Kindergarten

We were given a chance to witness firsthand how a partnership between the private sector and the government can work in preparing the nation for a more profound and effective educational system.   Fr. Tito Caluag of ABS-CBN Integrated Public Service and DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro, together with the campaign’s spokesperson, Xian Lim, joined hands  for a multimedia awareness campaign on the implementation of Universal Kindergarten in all public schools nationwide starting June 2011.

Let me give you something about what Universal Kindergarten is.  Being the first phase in  DepEd’s main reform agenda, the “K to 12” Basic Education Program, it requires all public schools to give kindergarten education to five-year old students so that they are prepared to enter Grade One the following year.

The partnership goes this way , series of interviews, featured segments, and public service announcements on ABS-CBN’s TV, radio, and online stations will inform parents and children on future changes on the country’s education.   1.9 million kindergarten students are expected to enroll in the 38,000 schools and day care centers nationwide, so to support the needs and to motivate parents and children to comply to the change, a massive toy drive was launched.   This aims to collect toys for the figure mentioned above of incoming Kinders from donations.    What a nice way also to inculcate the spirit of giving among us.

A lot of us, keep or store up toys in our rooms just collecting dusts, this is the time we can make best use for them, by donating them to this drive.   The donation is not limited to giving old toys though, books and school supplies will also be most welcome.   It was announced at Cafe Jessie in Rockwell Center that DepEd offices (even regional offices), Rustan’s stores are just some of the drop off centers, future drop offs will be announced.

To formalize the partnership, ABS-CBN Integrated Public Service Head Fr. Tito Caluag and DepEd secretary Bro. Armin Luistro signed a memorandum of agreement for this project Monday (May 9) at Chef Jessie in Rockwell Center. Also there to show his support for the project is actor Xian Lim, who will play a big role in the campaign as one of  its spokespersons.

He was supposed to be joined by the late teen actor AJ Perez, who already committed to the project before his untimely death.

Me with Xian Lim

MomView:   I strongly believe in this drive!   I’ve been in the generosity field for a long time time and I’m  enjoying the fruits of it.

Giving is a major value for me.   It can  be a source of happiness, which for me definitely is.  Toys can be equally special and important for others, more so for kids, but there are a lot of children, who longs to have at least one that could be extremely valuable, such things that are for keeps, like having one from another kid.   I for one, encourage my kids to be a giver and and a sharer.   My kids will definitely be with me in this.

As an educator myself, being the Principal of our church’s (Lord Jesus Bible Church) Children Ministry and a former Pre-school Teacher, toys are important in homing children’s characters.   They are good tools in teaching good values and motivating creativity. Whatever toy you give, as long as it is not vulgar or does not demonstrate violence, which would truly come from the heart will be gratified!   Seeing simple smiles and seeing the kids play with the toys could be such a  rewarding experience.

So let us all pitch in, gather as much toys as you want and and let me know about it and together let’s give them to DepEd!


3 thoughts on “DepEd and ABS-CBN Partners in Campaign of Universal Kindergarten

  1. This is good news! If only a public school is near us I would enroll Peaches! I think I lost a tooth and a few strands of hair when I heard how much her tuition for the school year is.

    • Hi Renz, tnx for dropping by, yes, it is good to know the government is committed to upgrading our educational system, public schools leveling with private school is still a far-cry…I would still suggest you look for private pre-school centers near you, I’m sure there is one that could suit your Peaches. But, let us cross our fingers and pray hard that starting next school year, children will be more eager to go to school, and more needs are met!

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