Officially, A Mom-blogger!

Yes, I’ve been blogging, however, I have taken for granted how special it is to write about my self being a mom and a wife.

I thought about it yesterday, May 8, yes, the Mother’s Day celebration.   I have read a few “mom-blogs,”  and I have been thinking of writing out what I could have done with the certain situations they have shared.   I had been tagged once as a “mom-blogger” but I never claimed to be one.

I’ve been in the business of mommy-ing  in almost 15 years, and I can say that I can somehow contribute something about parenting and well a bit about marriage and relationships.

Bringing -up four kids and a husband is a serious job!   I have learned a lot through my own experiences and others as well.   And I hope still learn more through others’ failures than risking learning from my own.   But then again I am not perfect so, this is a way that I can backtrack and thus review my life and well make amends and developments.

So here it is…


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